Baby girl pulled from river torrens

Baby girl pulled from river torrens. We are asking the community to help us find this young woman. It is extremely sad for us.

We know a lot of people across South Sydney do not know this child was saved from a horrible accident. A girl pulled from the river in Torrens, near Burleigh Heads, Australia, the last five days. She was wearing a life jacket, as is standard practice for people in the river, but the raft got stuck and her mother could not rescue her from the icy waters. Her parents decided to leave her here, as we found she was able to use the water well, and swim 바카라사이트back to shore.

The family has no idea what is going on, but they feel powerless to prevent a tragedy from happening.

We have spoken with a number of people and have come to the conclusion it was an isolated incident, but there has been an increase in drownings and drownings in the river, and this particular family have recently go우리카지노ne to their local police station to tell them about their situation.

This young girl is now resting at the Burleigh Heads Police station, just out of the water. The Burleigh Heads Fire and Rescue team are on site, working as best as they can. The family’s father is the emergency services operator for the Southport area.

Our sister in the local community is trying to find any information she can on this case, and has been on the phone with the Southport and Torrens police, and with the Burleigh Heads Fire and Rescue. If you would like to go and do the same, go to the Northport and Burleigh Heads local 더킹카지노station. We don’t know what their contact details, but they are sending us a postcode, so we’ll get you in touch.

We thank you for your time and we will do everything we can to assist you in finding these two girls, who were in very difficult conditions, when they were first reported to us by Southport resident David Tippett. We appreciate the support you have shown, and we certainly appreciate your interest in helping us to save two innocent children.

The Southport and Torrens Police, Burleigh Heads and Nauru communities, and our Australian Red Cross team are working closely together, as always, to locate these families and bring them to safety.