Us bomber flights push peninsular to the brink of war

Us bomber flights push peninsular to the brink of wa더킹카지노r

Th더킹카지노e first signs of what has become a regular occurrenc바카라e have emerged in recent days. On a morning in early August, planes flew low over the southern Philippines, as well as the northern island of Mindanao, and were seen flying over the entire South China Sea.

On another morning last week, a pair of Chinese fighter jets overflew the southern Philippines, then were heard buzzing overhead a few miles away.

More recently, the Chinese navy has fired off the sort of small anti-ship cruise missiles used against U.S. ships that many in Manila have said have been provocative and “a provocation from China.”

On that occasion, China fired off three missiles over Mindanao.

Philippine officials say Chinese ship-based radar over northern Borneo is now tracking a group of nine unidentified ships. The ships have an estimated tonnage of 2.6 million tonnes, or $2.1 million.

In the meantime, China’s air force is carrying out “small scale training” exercises with a squadron of six F-15E fighter jets in the region on Wednesday. That follows a series of military exercises with the Japanese military, which will continue Thursday.

Philippines President Benigno Aquino said China may be preparing to strike the Philippines after he said it could target its commercial aircraft through the “bitter waters” it claims over parts of the South China Sea that China claims.